Taste Indonesia at home and become a fan of truly sweet life without limits. All you have to do is replace all your sweeteners with natural coconut sugar.

It gets you not only with its color, but also with its taste or unrefined processing technique. With it, your coffee, desserts, and other foods come to life. But above all your life.

In addition to the low glycemic index, each spoon will reward you with a rich source of vitamins and taste caramel variations. Spice up your kitchen shelf with this sweet surprise that will make you healthier, more vital and thank you to your body.

Coconut sugar helps to improve digestion and thus works to build immunity. But here too watch the calorie table if you're working on weight loss. One teaspoon contains approximately 20 kcal.

Coconut sugar, however, is a treasure of white sugar, and he is considered the best substitute. The cherry on the cake is an attribute handmade 100% organic product.