Why do we prefer Direct Trade (not Fair Trade)?

“Direct Trade” means a direct trade where the products travel from the farmer directly to the final consumer. By doing business directly, we are in control of every step of production, selection of input materials, quality control and care for people.

“Direct Trade” excited us already in 2012 and that's why we have been following this beautiful business philosophy for years.

So let's compare Direct Trade versus Fair Trade. The first big difference between the two business concepts is in the quality of the product.

Direct trade the concept allows direct feedback between the farmer and the final consumer. Take our product example line coconut sugars.

Thanks to cooperation with prestigious chefs, manufacturers, brands (for example in Slovakia where we work with different brands LYRA Chocolate, Herbert Syrups, Foxford Cafes, Chef Gaba Kocák's Culinarium Restaurant, Benčík Culinary Group, Moods Cafes, Tinkine Recipes, etc.) direct feedback from our customers coconut sugar they work daily. Based on these assessments, we are able to react, change the preparation process and, if necessary, teach our farmers any new changes.

Conversely, in the case of Fair Trade where it is a purchase not from farmers indirectly but from a farmer's cooperative (farmer's group). The final product is a mix of raw materials from different farmers in different kinds of quality. This concept is not about quality. The only thing is that the products come from a cooperative (farmer's group) and thus have the Fair Trade stamp. Unfortunately, there is no direct contact between the farmer and the customer. Farmers are therefore unaware of the possibility of improving production, quality control and product processing.

The second inherent part Direct Trade is direct care of people. In the case of Direct Trade, this is about taking care of people directly. Each farmer is a separate unit that receives money on hand (in our case it is 2 to 3 times more than the farmers who work for groups of local buyers who sell to foreign commodity exporters).

Unfortunately, Fair Trade is a redistribution of money in the form of the cooperative groups. They work in a way that one person distributes money for hundreds to thousands of farmers. Farmers are thus reliant on the honesty of the group's head, which in many cases is reflected in difficult living conditions at the expense of the pockets of people who distribute their money to them.

As you can see, the difference between the two concepts is really big.

Our Direct Trade method allows us to produce a product that is constantly evaluated by final customers. It is handmade (in case of Coconut Sugar Original - from collecting nectar, manufacturing, quality control to packaging the final product), and allows us to provide maximum care. And care must be taken not only in the production process, but especially in the team without which the product would not exist> the farmers, their families and the community.
You know, the satisfaction of the people who prepare the product is naturally reflected in the quality and taste of the product. This creates a beautiful formula that we have followed for years: satisfied farmer = satisfied customer.

We believe that inspiration in this article will also find sellers, merchants healthy nutrition, and anyone interested in healthy products, as it is important to know how the product is made and how it is taken care of by people who prepare it.