Turmeric Latte from Raw Turmeric and Slonie Ginger

Friends, today I'd like to tell you a wonderful recipe turmeric latte using our in the sun dried turmeric a elephant ginger.

This warm drink will help you digest and boost your immunity.


turmeric latte1 ½ cups of almond or coconut milk

1 teaspoon of our RAW wild turmeric

½ teaspoon cinnamon

½ teaspoons of our RAW wild elephant ginger

1 teaspoon of honey


Heat the milk and gradually add all ingredients and mix thoroughly. On a small fire, let it boil until the milk becomes beautiful yellow and wake up.

Turmeric latte one poem!

Are you asking what is our 100% raw wild turmeric and ginger special?

100% RAW Wild Elephant Ginger Chute Indonesia

Ginger spicesIt is a treasure in our offer of 100% natural products. Wild elephant ginger directly from our farmers on the largest Indonesian island of Java. It is the highest quality superfood. Elephant ginger as a spice helps to improve blood flow, digestion, detoxifies the body, improves coughing and breathing during the flu. It contains many rare substances and antioxidants - vitamins, essential oils and antibiotic substances. It stimulates appetite, promotes digestive processes, production of saliva and digestive juices and accelerates nutrient metabolism. Prevents excessive gas formation, suppresses intestinal cramps. Elephant ginger is a powerful fighter against acne. It is sufficient (as it is available as ground) to prepare a mask or wrap and apply it to the skin. Experts recommend drinking it also for headaches and dizziness. It is exceptionally sun-dried

100% RAW Wild Turmeric Chute Indonesia

ground turmeric

My morning turmeric drink inspired me today to write a little more about our wild turmeric that grows under the coconut palm trees in the hilly villages of central Java. Curcuma longa, whose main component is curcumin, comes from South Asia and for centuries belongs mainly to Indian but also Indonesian cuisine, but also to folk medicine. Indian 'holy powder' has beneficial effects against inflammation, joint pain, overweight and bacteria. After maturing, our turmeric is cut into thin slices and exceptionally sun-dried to preserve as much healing effect as possible. Finally, it is finely ground to a bright yellow pepper, which you can add to meals or, as I do, to the morning fruit smoothie.Read more on it www.chute.sk

turmeric root

turmeric tastes indonesia