What makes vanilla "Gourmet" or "category A"

Are you going to use real vanilla pods? Maybe you are asking yourself this very question. The majority stores or suppliers only offers one type of vanilla, so the customer never has the option comparison.

The quality of vanilla beans is determined by the moisture content, the length of the pod and its condition. Contents Moisture is one of the most important aspects of high quality vanilla. Grade A vanilla pod (Gourmet Grade) is extremely damp. The oils should be visible on the outside of the vanilla and leaves a residue on the fingers when touched.

How to recognize quality vanilla?

vanilla first categoryVanilla pods High moisture content will be soft to the touch and very flexible at
bending. It is common to see that oils leave a mark on the wall of the package when packaged in a vacuum
sealed packages. This is the characteristic of high quality vanilla.
The length of the vanilla pod is also an indicator of vanilla quality. A grade A vanilla pod is typically
longer than 14-15 cm. Vanilla beans found in our market (dry pods with low
moisture, easily fractured or crackable) shall be considered grades B or C.
Choosing vanilla is like wine - we can't tell exactly what variety it is
best. But the truth is that the market often appears dry and poor quality vanilla when it loses
your taste, the true smell and hence your meaning.

We know the solution

Package of vanilla podsGourmet vanilla pods Chute Indonesia are the solution to the frustrating market situation. You ask
Gourmet husk vanilla Chute Indonesia reaches a length of 14 to 18 cm and has the desired ideal
humidity 25-30%, which guarantees that our vanilla pods are fresh, flexible and soft to the touch.
Each package of vanilla pods is hand packed by well trained vanilla experts to make it
guaranteed excellent quality of each vanilla bean.
Our vanilla comes from Indonesia. They are 100% locally grown, hand-made
pollinated. We work with local farmers with a view to promoting long - term
sustainable employment, price stability and best quality.
Our Gourmet Vanilla (also called Bourbon Vanilla) from Indonesia is
an indispensable ingredient to flavor sweet foods, to prepare desserts, creams,
cocktails, flavored cold and hot drinks, ice creams and chocolates.

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