How does RAW become green coffee?

Premium coffee beans from which ours are prepared Raw green coffee, they go through the following series of process steps that deliver the best quality.

Coffee planting

Coffee plants are usually planted from seedlings, which are initially grown in the shade to protect them from bright sunlight. Sufficiently large seedlings are then planted in moist soil.

Collection of coffee cherries

Depending on the variety, it will take approximately 3 to 4 years for newly planted coffee trees to bear fruit. Fruits, which are called coffee cherries, change from green to bright, dark red when ripe.

Usually there is one crop per year. However, in Indonesia, there are 2 collections in one year, the main harvest (July) and the secondary “mini” harvest (April-May).

The collection in Indonesia is carried out in a so-called "way". selective selection, in which only coffee cherries that are ripe are harvested by hand. Farmers collect cherries every few days, with the rule that only take the fruits that are at the peak of ripeness. Since this type of harvesting is labor intensive and considerably more expensive, it is mainly used to collect premium coffee varieties.

With good harvest, approximately 50kg of coffee cherries are harvested on average per day, resulting in about 10kg of coffee beans. Every farmer's daily harvest is carefully weighed and paid. The daily harvest is then transported for processing.

Processing of coffee cherries

Once the coffee cherry is harvested, processing must begin as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the fetus. Depending on location and local sources, coffee is processed in one of two ways: wet or dry. Our coffee beans are the wet method, which removes the husk from the coffee cherry immediately after harvesting, so that the bean found in the cherry is dried only with delicate skin, without the red skin.

The first step is to soften the skin and then separate it with water. Cherries are separated when passing through water channels, based on weight. Light cherries, which do not have enough grain inside, float to the top, while heavier ripe beans drop to the bottom. They go through a series of rotary drums that separate them by size. The skin is separated by a series of rotating drums that by rotation rotate the cherry from the skin. It will be so coffee beanwhich is transported to large liquid fermentation tanks. Depending on a combination of factors - such as bean condition, climate and altitude - they will remain in these reservoirs anywhere from 12 to 48 hours to remove the smooth slime layer (the so-called parenchyma). Naturally occurring enzymes in fermentation vessels cause this layer to self-dissolve.

After the fermentation is complete, the grain is thoroughly rinsed and ready for drying.


Grains that have been separated from both the skin and the smooth layer (parenchyma) are dried to about 11% moisture to be properly prepared for storage.

At this stage, the grains are coated with the last protective layer known as the endocarp, which is removed at a later stage, after drying.

The grains are sun-dried in a way that they spread on drying tables or floors where they rotate regularly. Dried beans are known as parchment coffee and stored in jute or sisal bags until they are ready for export or further processing.

Remove the last protective layer

Before preparing ours Raw Green Coffee the parchment coffee is processed in a manner called hulling. The Hulling machine removes the parchment layer (endocarp). This leaves the coffee bean, which is gradually stripped of all 3 protective layers: hulls, parenchymes and endocarp.

The classification and classification of coffee beans shall be carried out by size and weight. Then comes the turn manual quality control, ie the elimination of grains with color defects or other imperfections.

Because it is TOP quality, any grain which is unsatisfactory due to deficiencies (unacceptable size or color, acidified grain, insect damage, etc.) shall be removed.

This is how it is created premium varietal coffeethat we use to prepare RAW Green Coffee Chute Indonesia.